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Personalized POWER Coaching

I provide weekly private sessions via Zoom tailored specifically towards your personal goals & growth. We'll identify and break through whatever is holding you back. This includes mindset work, regulating the nervous system, creating new patterns of behavior, setting boundaries, building confidence, and more. 


Empowered Parenting

I am a Positive Discipline Parent Educator & Master Certified Transformational Parenting Coach. If you're craving less power struggles and desire more calm & connection in your home, we should talk!


Cancer Community

I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach & Co-founder of the Not Today Cancer Club. Learn the PowerPlan Framework and connect with other women on the same journey.

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Breast Cancer woke me up.

I was already a certified life & parenting coach when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but it was still a big wake up call. It lit a fire under my ass that I didn't even know I needed.

I was shown the fragility of life and I was reminded that this is not a dress rehearsal. Your life can change (or end) in an instant - so the time to decide what you want and to enjoy it - is NOW.

I have the tools to help you come up with a game plan for how you want to show up in your life and actually implement it. Whether you're pulling your hair out with parenting, navigating a diagnosis, or trying to redefine your life - I've got ya. 

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"Thank you so much. You are not only a true inspiration, but speak with Grace and wisdom. I was reminded of a Margaret Meade quote, "We are all interconnected and bonded by the same basic needs that help us as humans not only survive, but thrive by helping each other."

Thank you again..I am humbled and you have given me hope."

Barb T., Navigating Breast Cancer

I have been reading parenting books for years, even before I had kids. I’m at a point where I could write one, I have gained so much knowledge. As a parent, just knowledge isn’t enough. I was lacking the skill and ability to find my own calm and compassion for myself and my kids. I am eternally grateful to Katy for helping me discover this! I have no doubt in my mind, I would not be this far along in my positive parenting journey, if it weren’t for Katy."

Faith B., Mom of 3