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Hi, I'm Katy

I'm a Master Certified Life Coach with certifications and experience in Health & Nutrition, Parenting, and Mindset & Lifestyle Habits

Stage III Breast Cancer Woke Me Up

One day you're "healthy" and the next day you're hearing the words "You have Cancer." OUCH! That was tough. But you know what? It woke me the f up!

We are not promised tomorrow. We all seem to know this on some level, but until you're actually faced with your mortality it is hard to fully understand. 

In fact, I was already a coach, helping parents find their calm and parent with peace & presence. 

I was already working on my mindset.

I was already trying to live in alignment with my values. 

AND I realized I had barely even scratched the surface of what health and wellness really looked like. 

Cancer was the catalyst to real change in my life. Truly living on purpose. Making choices to support my longevity. CHOOSING where to focus my time and energy. Choosing how I wanted to navigate this huge diagnosis and the rest of my life. 


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