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Brenda Lomeli on Losing Weight with Love

mindset podcast weight loss Aug 04, 2020

Today is the day to throw the old-school diet mentality in the trash (you know, the one where we think that once we lose weight we will be fixed) and instead, understand how our minds work and begin understanding WHY we are making the choices that we do when it comes to food. 

Brenda Lomeli, Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, is on today's episode sharing how our mindset plays such an important role and how to lose weight with love.

If what you’ve been doing to get your weight under control isn't working, be willing to try a new way because we all deserve to create whatever we want in our lives. 



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No time to listen? No problem, here's the recap of Brenda's main points:

Brenda Lomeli's first point was that when she was 197 pounds and trying to lose weight for the umpteeth time, the main problem was HOW she was approaching her weight loss. When we have an old-school diet mentality, aka thinking we just need to learn more about what to eat or what not to eat, it’s very black and white, not loving at all, and can leave you feeling deprived. Even after getting certified as a holistic nutritionist and learning all about the body and hormones and all of the things, Brenda would still sabotage her own weight loss with overeating.

It became clear to her that losing weight had nothing to do with knowing or not knowing what to do. The missing puzzle piece was being able to process emotions, manage her brain, and to stop approaching weight loss from a place of feeling not good enough and needing to be fixed. The secret lies in changing your decision making because you love yourself. It’s about practicing emotional self-care. We also need to radically change our relationship with how we think about things like ourselves, food and our bodies and as a result, you lose the weight and the struggle that goes along with trying to lose it. 

As women, we tend to beat ourselves up over every little thing, which leads to a cycle of emotional eating. This is why emotional self-care is so important. Emotional self-care starts with creating the space for whatever emotion you’re feeling. When you create the space and sit with it and acknowledge it, you’ll be less inclined to turn to food to deal with it. Your relationship with yourself and being compassionate and understanding of your feelings as opposed to being self-critical is everything. 

Once naming, acknowledging, and creating space for your emotion you must remember that our thoughts create our feelings. When you’re not at the weight you were hoping for and begin to feel frustrated, it isn’t because of the number on the scale, it’s because of the meaning WE give it that is creating the feeling of frustration. If you notice that the way you’re thinking about that number isn’t useful, get curious and think of a more useful way to approach it.  Then, you can start changing the way you relate to your beliefs about what you’re capable of doing. 

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for years, your next best step is to get some support because doing it the way you HAVE been has kept you stuck for way too long. If you can’t afford to invest in yourself to get some support, first pause and really consider that you are worth investing in. As Brenda said, you don’t have to do it alone and you don’t have to struggle. 

Start to pay attention to what you’re thinking and feeling and apply these lessons daily. You should also definitely check out Brenda’s podcast, The Last 10 Pounds for tons of free information. 

Just don’t keep doing what has kept you stuck year after year, it’s time to try something new that will work for you with the way you approach your weight loss. 

Most importantly, remember that no matter what you’re struggling with you deserve support. If what you’ve been doing isn't working, be willing to try a new way. We deserve to create whatever we want in our lives. 

The results that you decide you want in any area of your life are self-defined. 

Today we are throwing the outdated way of looking at dieting out the window (you know, the one where we think that once we lose weight we will be fixed) and Instead, understand how our minds work and understanding WHY we are making the choices that we do. 

Brenda is definitely onto something with combining mindset with weight loss. I hope you’ll take what you’ve learned here and follow through with your next best step.

Wanna talk about it? Head on over to the Motherhood Aligned Facebook Group and say hello!


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