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Finding a Hobby with Deeper Meaning for Mental Health

Today’s episode shows us how finding a hobby with deeper meaning can make a positive impact on our mental health. Amanda Anderson is here to share her story on how she turned her nasty postpartum depression around through art.

Amanda is the founder of the Sketched and Sealed Art Membership and is an advocate for women to dedicate time for themselves, learn a new hobby, and creatively document their life and take control over their mental health.

As you’ll hear she’s been through some dark times, but ultimately found her purpose and direction and is going to share with us how she came out ahead.



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No time to listen? No worries, I've got you covered with a quick recap:

Amanda Anderson has FOUR children and although she is extremely busy, she is centering herself in her passion, an art membership for self-care.


When her 2nd daughter was born, Amanda went through a nasty post-partum depression. When she found herself on a suicide watch, she discovered she could draw. She started to see that art could get her through hard times. 


She realized she needed something just for her and decided to get back to school for it. She eventually figured out how she wanted to use art to serve other people.


She now runs a self-care art membership which teaches watercolor and art journaling. As she was flipping through her journal and trying to discover her deeper purpose, she started seeing a pattern of what she had written multiple times, “Because art saved my life” 


Art got Amanda through her darkness and now wants to help others do the same, through art. Even non-artists can have fun with art and use it to make themselves feel better.


Instead of binging on snacks, watching Netflix, or scrolling social media, try doing something that will make you feel more fulfilled. You can even use Amanda’s scheduling guide to help you see where in your life you can find the time. 


“If you’re looking for happiness you’re not going to find it on Facebook” Christy Wright


“You’re not going to find the time, you have to make the time” Amanda Anderson, Sketched and Sealed


If you’re going through a dark time right now, you can find support in the Sketched and Sealed membership. There is so much passion in what they do and so much love for every member. 


The next best step would be to determine what it is you need for self-care. While it may be art for some people, it could be music, reading, or something else for you. If you ARE looking for a creative hobby you can start with the Sketched and Sealed free art club to get a feel for that world, then upgrade if you love it. 


Just listen to your body and what you need for your own mental health. Whether it's an art club membership, getting out for a run, or just getting more sleep -definitely take the next step to better your own mental health. 


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