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"Should I Send My Kid Back to School?" A Covid-19 Decision all Moms are Pondering

covid-19 podcast Aug 11, 2020

It’s the question we’re all asking each other and agonizing over - “Should I send my kid back to school?”

Covid19 has turned our worlds upside down and figuring out the best course of action when it comes to school is no exception. As our schools are navigating the impossible task of pleasing everybody and scrambling to create the safest environment possible for our kiddos to go back, we’re all trying to figure it out as parents as well. 

In this episode I'm sharing the process I used to make the school decision. If you're still trying to decide what's best for your family then this episode is for you.



No time to listen? I've got ya covered:

Hey everyone, welcome back to the podcast. It’s just me, Katy, today because I wanted to talk about...

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