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A Life Changing Thought Model

In this episode, I share Brook Castillo's (The Life Coach School) life-changing Thought Model. What if there was a simple formula that could help you change the results in your life for the better? Well, there is, and that is exactly what you'll learn about in today's episode. Today's show will challenge you to think about your circumstances in a new way - a way that actually serves you in a positive way.


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No time to listen? No worries, I've got ya covered with the transcript:

Hey Everybody - welcome back to the Podcast. It’s just me, Katy here today without any guests keeping it pretty quick and casual, but with some profound information around the way we think about things and the impact our thoughts have on our lives and the results in our lives. 


So,  I actually ended up taking last week off from the podcast because I just had a lot going on...

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