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Brenda Lomeli on Losing Weight with Love

mindset podcast weight loss Aug 04, 2020

Today is the day to throw the old-school diet mentality in the trash (you know, the one where we think that once we lose weight we will be fixed) and instead, understand how our minds work and begin understanding WHY we are making the choices that we do when it comes to food. 

Brenda Lomeli, Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, is on today's episode sharing how our mindset plays such an important role and how to lose weight with love.

If what you’ve been doing to get your weight under control isn't working, be willing to try a new way because we all deserve to create whatever we want in our lives. 



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No time to listen? No problem, here's the recap of Brenda's main points:

Brenda Lomeli's first point was that when she was 197 pounds and trying to lose weight for the umpteeth time,...

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