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You're Frustrated

Your current parenting patterns aren't working and/or you're experiencing challenging behaviors with your child

You Want More Peace  & Calm

You're craving more peace, calm, & connection in your home

You Don't Want to Yell or Nag Anymore

You feel like your children don't listen to you - until you finally yell at them (then you feel bad)

You Want to Feel Like a Confident Parent

You want go-to strategies for everyday situations that you know will support your child

What if you could... 

• Truly parent purposefully, overcoming any subconscious beliefs that are impacting the way you show up and react to your child's behavior

• Understand science-based relationship building that truly supports your child's emotional intelligence and connection with you

• Learn why you get so frustrated and how to control it - and teach your child to do the same

• Fill your parenting tool belt so that you always feel like you know what to do in challenging situations with your child

• Discover how to parent without defaulting to punishments, consequences, and rewards

• Help your child form positive beliefs about him/herself that they will take into adulthood

• Create boundaries that stick based on your own family's values

• Have a trained Parent Coach by your side, teaching, guiding, and coaching you through your specific needs every step of the way

Let's Do It!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Katy! I am a Certified Life Coach, Conscious Parenting Coach, and Positive Discipline Educator. 

I believe parenting is the most important job in the world, yet we're sent home from the hospital with no direction! You can read all of the books and listen to all of the podcasts, but when it comes to your real life how do you actually implement?

That's where I come in. I'll help you understand the ins and outs of science-based peaceful and positive parenting  and coach you through your specific family needs. 

My goal as your coach is to give you the tools to feel comfortable and confident as a mom. You'll discover a new way to communicate with your child that will change the dynamic in your home for the better - forever! 

The Curriculum

Let's Get Started

What my clients are saying


Nikki, Mom of 2

"I am a thousand times calmer with my kids after working with Katy and will be forever grateful for that! I always knew time outs and consequences weren't the greatest, but didn't really know why. I now understand the implications of my parenting style and how it directly impacts how my kids view themselves in the world. I even discovered beliefs I've been carrying about myself all the way from my own childhood. It really opened up my eyes."

Faith, Mom of 3

"I have been reading parenting books for years, even before I had kids. I’m at a point where I could write one, I have gained so much knowledge. As a parent, just knowledge isn’t enough. I was lacking the skill and ability to find my own calm and compassion for myself and my kids. I am eternally grateful to Katy for helping me discover this! I have no doubt in my mind, I would not be this far along in my positive parenting journey, if it weren’t for Katy. I am by no means perfect but if you asked anyone around me, they have noticed a significant, positive, change in my parenting skills (as well as posits changes in other relationships!). I have gained the ability to prioritize self care and compassion for my 3 young children. I could go on and on about the benefits of having a personal parenting coach; there are SO many! Katy, in particular, is so easy to talk to, exudes acceptance and empathy, and has a true passion for helping parents wherever they are in their parenting journey. I could come to her with specific situations I struggled with and she would help me navigate and find positive solutions. Katy is a source of encouragement and knowledge. You will never regret investing in being the parent you strive to be!"

Angie, Mom of 2

"I worked with Katy 1:1 and am now also in her group course. I kid you not, I'm blown away! I knew this would help me, but I'm learning so much about MYSELF that I will take forward forever. I've learned how my own limiting beliefs impact my parenting and relationship to my children. I have gained confidence in myself as a mom but also in every other aspect of my life! I see where I have been holding myself back and am now able to coach myself to work through my self-doubt and take action!

I have never felt more connected to my children, and I'm seeing them also gain confidence as a result of my improved communication and ability to get to the root of what they need, provide them empathy, and connect on a deeper level. Katy is the real deal, and if you are on the fence about hiring a parenting coach...please do it! The world and children need you showing up as the best version of yourself. This is the first step..the results I'm getting are worth every. single. penny and more!"



• 3 Months of personalized, hands-on support. I combine my training in Life Coaching, Conscious Parenting, and Positive Discipline to deliver the tools you need to succeed

• Peace of mind that you're parenting in a way that supports your child's emotional development and helps them build critical life skills & characteristics

• A clear understanding of your triggers, how to communicate with your child, and de-escalate all situations

• Tools that empower you to show up as the parent you truly want to be

• Go-to strategies for all of your child's challenging behaviors

• Lifetime access to course + all materials

• 12 weekly Zoom sessions held 1:1 with Katy - this is your safe space to truly grow as a parent and implement the work

• Email & Text support between sessions, as needed (never feel alone as situations arise!)


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