Motherhood Aligned

Motherhood Aligned

Hosted by: Katy Weade

Motherhood Aligned is a podcast for moms who want to thrive (not just survive) motherhood and life. When you're a busy mom who is trying to find balance, it can be easy to feel out of alignment. This podcast will help...


What To Do When Life Throws You a Curveball + My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Season #2

Sharing the biggest curveball of my life: Stage III Breast Cancer. Here's my story + the 3 things to do right now, BEFORE life throws you for a loop.   Links: Website: IG:...
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#SaveTheKids Collin Kartchner's Message on the Dangers of Social Media & Smart Phones

Season #1 Episode #21

At what age is it appropriate to give your kid a smartphone? How can we #savethekids from the dangers of social media?  This is the work Collin Kartchner dedicated what ended up being the final years of his life to.I...
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How to Live in Alignment

Season #1 Episode #21

What does 'living in alignment' actually mean and how do we actually do that? That's exactly what I dive into for this episode. When you're feeling stuck or like something is just "off" in your life, or that you're...
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There's Nothing More Important Than This Right Now: Connection

Season #1 Episode #20

Today's topic is huge. It is something a lot of us have been lacking this year, and something the world needs more of. We’re going to be talking about Connection: The importance of connection with our kids, social...
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The Truth Behind Getting Scholarships and Reducing the Cost of College with Dr. Gena Lester

Season #1 Episode #19

In today's episode, Dr. Gena Lester from Education Prep Centers shares the truth behind getting college scholarships and reducing the cost of college. This is something you want to be thinking about EARLY, so be sure...
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How Finding a Hobby with Deeper Meaning Makes a Positive Impact on your Mental Health with Amanda Anderson, Sketched and Sealed

Season #1 Episode #18

Today’s episode shows us how finding a hobby with deeper meaning can make a positive impact on our mental health. Amanda Anderson is here to share her story on how she turned her nasty postpartum depression around...
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A Life Changing Thought Model

Season #1 Episode #17

In this episode, Katy Weade shares Brook Castillo's (The Life Coach School) life-changing Thought Model. What if there was a simple formula that could help you change the results in your life for the better? Well,...
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How to Get your Little Ones Sleeping with Sleep Consultant, Eva Klein

Season #1 Episode #16

Calling all tired Mamas! It's time to get your baby to sleep! Today we have Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, Eva Klein, here to teach us how to get your little ones sleeping so that the whole family is...
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"Should I Send My Kid Back to School?" A Covid-19 Decision all Moms are Pondering

Season #1 Episode #15

It’s the question we’re all asking each other and agonizing over - “Should I send my kid back to school?”Covid19 has turned our worlds upside down and figuring out the best course of action when it comes to school is...
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Losing Weight with Love with Brenda Lomeli

Season #1 Episode #14

Today is the day to throw the old-school diet mentality in the trash (you know, the one where we think that once we lose weight we will be fixed) and instead, understand how our minds work and begin understanding WHY...
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What is Positive Discipline?

Season #1 Episode #13

In today's quick solo episode, I talk about what Positive Discipline is and how I am using it in my own parenting. For those of you who are on my email list, you probably know by now that I am a Certified Positive...
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How to Connect & Communicate with your Teen with Laura Lyles Reagan

Season #1 Episode #12

Hey everyone, today’s episode is an incredibly important topic, especially if you’re a parent to a teen or tween. If you’ve ever thought parenting was hard when the kids are little, I hate to tell you but it can get...
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