A Life Changing Thought Model

Season #1 Episode #17

In this episode, Katy Weade shares Brook Castillo's (The Life Coach School) life-changing Thought Model. What if there was a simple formula that could help you change the results in your life for the better? Well, there is, and that is exactly what you'll learn about in today's episode. Today's show will challenge you to think about your circumstances in a new way - a way that actually serves you in a positive way.

Show Notes
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A quick note from Katy:
I'm a Life Coach for Moms and at my very core I believe that in order to raise a happy, well-rounded, and thoughtful child who thrives, YOU have to be a happy, well-rounded, and thoughtful mother who thrives. That's exactly what I can help you with. Go from overwhelmed in motherhood and life to feeling aligned, confident, and proud of your parenting. As a Certified Life Coach and Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I combine Life Coaching with peaceful and positive parenting strategies that work.